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Reds 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

REDS source of reference is the 50's and 60's work wear. Apparel producers at that time had no concern about pricing but had only to make garments that functioned and lasted, with an outstanding quality. From this concept arose an era of manufacturing where surplus details were kept to a minimum, and the aesthetic was reflected in the function.

REDS design inspiration stays really close to this concept. We don't like a menswear that is too redundant and full of useless details, REDS is for real. Fits and shapes are updated to today's trends but durability and comfort are always our main considerations. All the fabrics used by REDS are developed to comply with our own requirements.

REDS signature fabric is a left hand gabardine: 3 ply on weft and 2 ply on warp with tight construction. The twist of the yarn gives the fabric strength while the weaving process gives a very soft hand feel. Our REDS Gabardine is an all season material used on all key chinos and pants. The look is consistently updated with seasonal washes and treatments to keep always new and intriguing.

REDS use only piece dyed fabrics, thus avoiding harmful finishes on the garment. We don't like garment dyed or any sort of dyeing processes that are easy to fade. Our garments fade out only through a long washing process and mostly through mechanical treatments. Colors are classic rather than seasonal.

REDS collection is focused on original yet up to date pants and shirts inspired to the garments used by Army, Aviation and Marine officers for operative tasks as well as on more specific models used by workers of various categories like carpenters, miners, diggers, cowboys, etc. The use of Denims and 5 pockets jeans is always related to special purpose pants and shirts.

REDS Marine, Fatigue, Squad, Combat, Carpenter and Chino Pants, together with Western, Union and Button down shirts are REDS "classics". Seasonal models, fits and fabrics are introduced every season to guarantee an always up to date proposal thus in keeping with the brand inspiration.

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Photos & text Copyright Reds, Courtesy Maria Licci PR.

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