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Mjölk Autumn/Winter 2016

Mjölk Dailies is our ongoing conversation with art, design, music, color, texture, architecture, language, ideas, the hilarity of it all, some hidden gems, untold treasures, and recipes for fun.

Mjölk footwear is produced in exclusive partnership with Frank and Josepi, Italian master craftsmen with 100 years of combined experience between them. Every pair is entirely handmade to order using traditional cobbling techniques, creating a custom product of impeccable beauty and unparalleled quality.

Continuing the tradition of investing in locally sourced and produced goods of exceptional quality, our belts are hand-crafted in New York City's legendary garment district by skilled leatherworkers.

The belts are complimented perfectly with exquisite metal buckles forged by a family-owned metalworking studio in Rhode Island.

All of our leather goods are hand-crafted by a family of fifth-generation Swiss cordwainers.
Using only 100% vegetable dyes and whole-piece vintage leather, multiple products are cut from the same piece of hide to minimize waste. Every piece is hand-cut, hand-finished, and hand-sewn, ensuring a product of consistently high quality and uniquity.

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