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Milan Men’s Wrap Up: Part II

As Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2016 has come to a close and Paris Men’s is in full swing, I have been reflecting on the assorted collections that were shown last week in Italy.

While I applauded all the designers present, I listed the Roberto Cavalli collection as my favorite.

As runner up or close tie for first place comes the Canali collection, which boldly graced the runways with deep, rich colors.

The flavor was a taste of the Far East with ornate patterns, lush linens, and flowing silk scarves.

The combinations of styles—East and West—and textured fabrics combined with the sheerness of draped shirts threw a twist on the retro trend for an elegant, masculine look.

The styling of each outfit captured the season’s directional elements tying the knot between past and present in a manage ménage à trois among China, India, and Italian stying.

Photo Copyright Canali.

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