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Miami Fashion Week: An Exclusive Interview with Nicolas Felizola

One of the designers whose collections will be strutting down the the runway at the up-and-coming Miami Fashion Week (March 3-6) is formal wear designer, Nicolas Felizola.

In anticipation of the event, I had the wonderful privilege of an exclusive interview with the Venezuelan designer:

Tell me, Nicolas, where are you from exactly?

I was born and raised in Valle De la Pascua, Venezuela, a little town filled with love and the most beautiful atmosphere.

And where do you live now?

I currently live on a plane, travelling all over the world as work. I take inspiration from all the places I visit, and I also travel a lot due to the demand for my work. However, two places I would call home are Miami and New York.

(Still chuckling) When did you begin designing?

About six years ago, a Mexican celebrity asked me to find her a unique piece for a red carpet event. I couldn’t find her anything that I thought would be perfect, so I decided to create something myself. Several fashion magazines named her as best dressed for the evening, and that’s when I realized that designing was something that came naturally to me as a form of artistic expression.

What guides your sense of design?

I have been a fashion photographer for as long as I can remember. I would always select the pieces and use them in such a way as to represent and mark my own sense of style.

How would you sum up the particular “look” or “style”?

My stile is purely simple; I like lines, cuts, and wonderful fabrics…

How do you estimate the present state of men and menswear?

Men have become more and more conscious about fashion in recent years. They are looking for quality and style because they have become more aware of the importance of their own image.

How about the menswear scène in Venezuela?

I left Venezuela sixteen years ago and, unfortunately, have not returned often. Women from Venezuela, however, come to Miami regularly to get their most important gowns, in particular wedding dresses, designed by me. Men also come often to get fitted for suits from the Felizola Uomo Collection.

Will you continue to design high-end formal wear?

I am creating a more affordable line that will attract attention towards anyone who wears it.

Have a peek here at what is coming to Miami this season!

Photos Copyright Nicolas Felizola.

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