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Marcin Podsiadlo’s “Urbanist Culture”

It is exciting to come across rising talent like Polish designer Marci Podsiadlo.

Born 1989 in Poland, Marcin studied at the University for the Creative Arts and now resides in London.
Drawing inspiration from urban spaces and hip-hop culture, Marcin’s designs are loose, oversized, and multilayered. Colors span shades from while to black, including grey.
Skillfully combing symmetry with asymmetry, Marcin creates a sportive, masculine silhouette consisting of kurta pants, leggings, and sweat suits.
Emphasizing wearability and functionality, Marcin offers men a new kind of creativity for the “urbanist” type of man.
His latest collection, 2016 spring/summer, was presented at Polish Fashion Week. Check out the whole collection.
Photos by Sebastian Szwajczak, Copyright Marcin Podsiadlo.