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“Happy!” by Desigual

Pure Optimism for Autumn/Winter 2016-12

“Happy,” the new Desigual collection for this winter was conceived to respond to a series of challenges: To infect people with positivity, to provide added energy from each and every one of its seams, to convey warmth with its feel and inflame the senses with the mere contemplation of its myriad details.

Optimistic and inviting, “Happy” was conceived with a palette built around a set of colors designed to stimulate a warm feeling of wellbeing. A range of velvety hues (pinks, violets, greens and blues) are displayed in the most intense of tones.

About Desigual

Desigual began its life under the leitmotif ‘Desigual is not the same” back in 1984. The leading light was its 20-year-old Swiss founder and creative director, Thomas Meyer.

Today the company, jointly led by Manel Adell and Thomas Meyer, is present in 70 countries and has a staff of 1700 people of 25 different nationalities. It has 150 brand stores, 5,800 multi-brand clients and is present in 500 shop in shops or corners in leading department stores.

Desigual Winter: Pea Coat

Desigual introduce the perfect pea coat to keep you warm this winter. With a detachable puffa gilet inside, the patchwork pea coat combines Desigual’s fun attitude with winter warmers to create the ultimate cosy statement piece of the end of the season.

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