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Götti Switzerland Late Summer Trends

Götti Switzerland designs sunglasses which cut a good figure in late summer.

The rotatable earpieces provide freedom of movement

The latest generation of sunglasses from Götti Switzerland has a unique character, the core of which is constituted by the 360° rotatable earpieces. This patented system, called "Spin&Stow", makes it possible to fold our sunglasses so that they are completely flat, which means they take up very little room when folded together. This provides greater freedom of movement since the wearer no longer needs to carry a big case around. What’s more, all models are very light and therefore comfortable to wear.

The model lines

The Spin&Stow models are divided into three different style groups. The "360° Power" line is sporty and places the focus on fun. In contrast, the "360° City" line has a more urbane look. These models represent urban living. The third line, called "360° Attitude," appeals to eyeglass wearers.

Late summer trend

The color palette is intended to harmonize with late summer and autumn. With "Spin&Stow" the sunglasses remain up to date right through autumn.

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