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“Garage Esk Wash” with PRPS

Prps was conceived in 2003 by Donwan Harrell, founder and creative director of the label.

Each pair of jeans is designed for function and, then, they are manufactured by a family of artisans in Japan that strives for perfection in ever pair!

For autumn/winter 2016-12, one model that makes up the new eco-collection is the Garage Esk Wash.

First, the pure cotton is cultivated biologically in Africa. Then, Garage Esk Wash is rigorously washed by the hand, by the Japanese artisans.

An organic color is brushed on each pair by hand and, finally, it is dried in the sun, giving the jean a natural brown tint.

The result—each pair is unique!

Photos Copyright Prps, Courtesy Claudio Leoni Public Relations.

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