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“Circle of Dissidents” by G.P.P.R.

This season G.P.P.R. presents the “Circle of Dissidents”, a collection sanctifying the value of unconditional antagonism, a nod to those who choose to remain outside the status quo.

The collection is comprised of pieces inspired by multiple cultures and genres, with a certain disregard for the traditional aesthetics and an embrace of the unorthodox.

One of the pieces that can be found in the collection is the Che: based on the classic guayabera shirt worn throughout South and Central America; we chose to keep the traditional four pocket design with the two row pleated detailing, but present it in a bold leopard pattern reminiscent of the punk subculture.

Another notable piece is the Sullivan, a traditional two-tone woven shirt based on the emerging rock and roll style of the 1950s. The black and white paneling creates for a sharp contrast while

“Last Gang in Town” is embroidered above the left pocket. Another hallmark of the collection is the Vicious, a pair of knee-length shorts drawn from the utilitarian and militaristic styles that first arose in the 70s. This piece is accented with a cheetah print on the waistband as well as on the reverse of the shorts for those who value minimal yet striking detail.

We are freedom. We are mayhem. We are change. We are the international brotherhood of gentlemen, philosophers, perverts and rebels. We are G.P.P.R.

G.P.P.R Concept Story

“...when I was younger, no more than fourteen or fifteen, each summer a group of impetuous youths and I would get together and roam the town haphazardly, looking for something to do, something to break. We were unrestrained, raw; nothing to tie us down. The constraints of society did not seem to exist; it was summer, and that seemed to be our ongoing excuse for our actions as we threw television sets off rooftops and smashed windows of vacant homes.

But we could not be delinquents forever; none of us wanted to be forty-five and imprisoned for vandalizing street signs. Eventually we matured, developed careers and became initiated members of a civilized world. But we still hold in our hearts the inclinations of our youth, the antagonistic views we held about society. This collection reflects our respect for contention, for the man standing outside looking in with distaste.”

About G.P.P.R.

The Gentleman, the Philosopher, the Pervert, the Rebel: all aspects of an amalgam, a single entity. These seemingly independent facets are by no means compartmentalized, as these four aspects are intertwine with one another: the chivalrous and proper Gentleman, the progressive and probing Philosopher, the indulgent and excessive Pervert, the subversive and defiant Rebel.

The modern Renaissance Man, a polymath of versatility, an old-fashioned soul in modern times.

G.P.P.R. constructs garments around this understanding, creating menswear imbued with aspects of these personalities, seeking to embody this modern Renaissance Man.

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