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Christian Pellizzari: the Designer, the Man

Christian Pellizzari was born in Treviso near Venice, Italy, in 1981.

Christian began to design and sew clothes at a very young age and has dedicated his life to making his dream of being a fashion designer a reality.

He moved to Florence at age 20 to study at Polimoda and after completing his academic studies he worked for four years at Tonello where he found and nourished his passion for men’s casual and formal tailored jackets. He then moved to Paris so he could expand his expertiseise by learning the nuances of French versus Italian design.

After two seasons at the prestigious maison Vionnet, Christian moved to JAY AHR where he reinvented sexy and luxurious for women by adding a 24 hour wardrobe of sensuous looks.

As a young designer on the international scene, Christian has accomplished his goal of starting his own label by launching Christian Pellizzari.

For autumn/winter 2016 season he revealed his closet, the culmination of his education, research and vision that makes Christian Pellizzari’s man the essence of classic European elegance and today’s trendy chic.

From his total look of basic knitwear with innovative details and finishings to heavier tricot knitwear for outdoors you pass through day with smoking shirts and shirts with plastroms mixed with jersey.

Tailored jackets are Christian’s true passion and his have soul. Classic tweed, wool, cashmere and silk meet techno- rock poly, nylon, natural fibers and leather in perfect balance.

His collection is an extraordinary mix of shapes and fabrics shown in coats, parkas, bomber and casual jackets.

Photo Copyright Christian Pellizari.

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