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Cedric Jacquemyn 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection “the Last Glacier”

Cedric Jacquemyn is an Antwerp-based fashion designer. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, he decided to start his label under his own name.

In January 2016 Cédric Jacquemyn presented “The Last Glacier” autumn/winter 2016 collection in Paris at the Ra showroom. The collection was a continuation on his graduation collection “The Last Glacier” spring/summer 2016, by adding new styles and by altering some of the existing pieces.

Iceland, Cédric Jacquemyn’s most prominent source of inspiration, is meticulously translated in his garments.

The Iceland-cycle started with designing “Viðrar vel til Loftarásá” (autumn/winter 2016), after which he was asked to design a small collection for the Swedish brand WEEKDAY®.

He manages to capture the blatant beauty and the emotions of Iceland’s constant duality into every single piece he makes: a duality of both the serenity and the power of Icelandic nature and the threatening consequences of the ever-changing environment.

The choice of fabrics, the use of geometrical designs, and the knotting technique used to assemble the garments and the contrast in the use of both dark and very bright colors create an atmosphere of both awareness and illumination.

See the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Cedric Jacquemyn.

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