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Bleu de Gênes Autumn/Winter 2016 & the History of Jeans

Probably a day does not go by without wearing or seeing someone else wear a pair of jeans or a denim garment.

But have you ever wondered where the term “jeans” comes from?

It is actually derived from the French phrase “bleu de Gênes,” which translates as ‘blue of Genoa.”

Denim pants were originally manufactured in the town of Chieri, which is located near Torino, Italy.

The denim trousers were sold through the port of Genoa, which was the capital of the Republic of Genoa.

As a major naval power during the Renaissance, the Genovese Navy required such a fabric for its sailors.

Reminiscent of this history, the Danish label Bleu de Gênes was founded in 2016 by Ole Madsen and is based in Kolding, Denmark.

Bleu de Gênes looks back to the roots of jeans manufacturing, producing an authentic look at a high quality.

Staying true to the Genovese naval history, all jeans are made in Italy.

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